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Stainless Steel Drinkers

The dairy cows need at least 1,5-2 liter of water per liter of milk produced. When the temperature increases in the absence of adequate sources of water, milk production falls.  So, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient number of drinkers. Water troughs must be clean and positioned in a place easily accessible by the animals.  

Stainless steel Drinkers are available in different sizes. 1meter length, 1,5 meter length,  2 meter length and 50X30X12cm.  Other sizes are available with a special order.  

Drinker 1 meter: Tip over through stainless steel drinker with high capacity float valve, easy to adjust and maintain. Water connection by 3/4". 

Drinkers in other sizes: Stainless steel tank, constant level with high capacity float valve, easy to adjust and maintain, with drain on bottom for easy cleaning. Water connection 3/4''.

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