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Scraper Unit One or Two Lane

The scraper unit equipment with rope traction is the most practical and effective solution for the hygiene and cleanliness of the stable. The scraper with rope traction can be provided for one or two lane.

Scraper Unit One Lane

Scraper Unit Two Lane


1. Safe for animals and people working in the stable.

2. Installed easily.

3. Digital display with computerized control for animal safety.

4. Operation cost is low (1,1 Kw).

5. Available with rudder (without channel) and with channel in the middle (usually 5x5cm but there are 8 available different dimensions according to the  customer's need).

6. Traction by nylon braided rope or galvanized  steel wire rope.

7. Electronic timer for daily programming.

8. It can operate at 380V 50Hz, the motor gear unit can be simply modified to operate at 220v (3 phase).

9. Reliable with reduced maintenance.

10. Fast dry clean alley can be achieved due to the frequent passages of scraper, up to one an hour.

Agricow Scraper Units contribute for cleaner animal hooves and so the cubicles will be less dirty and drier while reducing maintenance costs;
Less liquids in the lane reduce the concentration of ammonia in the barn with obvious benefits for animals and workers

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