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Pendulum Brush New Generation P-4.0

The large vertical spinning brush allows cows to scratch their whole body.  This stimulates the blood circulation, cleans the whole body and reliefs from toxic stress which ensures an increase in milk production.

A contoured, full-bodied brush with automatic reverse for even wear and a thorough massage. Extremely important, its adaptability to the shape of animals.

Agricow owns the Italian patent (No. 1360795 of May 19, 2009) relating to “Apparatus for brushing bovines” and the equivalent European patent (No. 1665927 of 23/01/2006) valid in States Parties to the Convention of European patent.

DIMENSION: cm 125X50X175 h
SIZE ROLL: cm 50x100cm
WEIGTH: 94 kg
POWER: 0,75 Cv
ENGINE: 220volt – 50/60hz 110vol – 50/60hz

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