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KM 7P/6M

The success of the the finished animal is greatly determined by the quality and management of the newborn.  The calf rearing period is the most crucial period, so it is imperative to assure calves the right conditions of housing and health management.  

Manufactured in our warehouse the calf hutches provide calves the right and hygienic space for resting.  Calf hutches are movable and suitable for indoor and outdoor.

They are equipped with 7 lying places training your calves in Freestalls from an early age.  The insulated roof is made of 4 cm sandwich panels and the sides are made of 4 cm sandwich panels, giving your calves a healthy naturally ventilated environment free from disease.  It also has a plastic floor for easy manure drainage, access gate and galvanized steel feeder and buckets holder.  

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