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The horizontal Self-Propelled cutting-mixing-distributing mixer wagon of the DAYTONA series is an extremely advanced machine, that can satisfy any need. In Horizontal and Vertical version with respectively two horizontal augers or one or two vertical augers it is designed specifically to meet in an ever more complete and transversal way the farmer request.

The compactness, robustness and power together with an excellent visibility from the comfortable cab, are some of the strong points that characterize this machine. 

The milling cutter consists of a roller equipped with knives for the product cutting and a belt for conveying the products into the mixing-tank.  The milling cutter power 200 HP max, pressure 420 bars guarantees a fast cut of any kind of products as loose products, long-fibred products, silages e.t.c 

The Daytona series is equipped with an engine of latest generation, the Volvo Penta with 4 cylinders, capacity 5500, which improves performance while reducing fuel consumption.

There is a possibility to customize the machine according to needs.  

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