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Cubicle Mattresses ECO-latex

Cow’s major daily activities are 50% Lying, 21% Eating and 13% Milking. Cow’s comfort is essential and comfort comes from softness, dryness and cleanliness.  In order to obtain comfort and hygiene and protect animals from thermal shock and slipping, it is important to use quality materials.  As a result the quality of the resting area also helps to the decrease of mastitis and to the increase of milk production.


Cubicle mattress Eco-Latex has been designed to ensure the right compromise between softness and resistance to reduce accidents caused by falls.  The particular structure of Eco-Latex mattress allows the mattress to return always to the initial thickness.

 Eco-Latex mat is composed by a plate of polyurethane foam (5cm or 7cm) to allow the correct pressure on the complete body of the animal plus a waterproof high resistance and toughness polypropylene but non-abrasive layer allowing natural runoff of liquids (both urine and milk) with no ditching.  

Cover for cubicles are available in 3 different versions: black cover, yellow/black coated cover and nature green cover. The fabric is non-toxic and anti-allergic.  

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