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Comfort-Klima Fan

Big benefits are gained with large High-Volume/Low Speed fans because they let air circulate and disperse more efficiently and effectively. 

In comparison with conventional High-Speed ceiling or industrial floor fans which are often unpleasant and disruptive, the High-Volume Low-Speed maxi-fan allows a much better air movement. Conventional High-Speed fans are expensive to operate but they can't distribute air to keep the right temperatures from floor to ceiling.

A COFORT-KLIMA fan can be preferable for both Summer and Winter. In Summer air from an COMFORT-KLIMA fan gently passes over to keep a cooler more comfortable and productive environment. In Winter, the same fan pushes air from the ceiling down to the floor to keep a warmer environment .The uniform air flow eliminates dead air room under the centre of the fan.

All fan's metallic parts are in galvanized iron and blades are made of aluminum. A more comfortable environment is created due to the proper construction of the UPWARD BLADE TILT which creates a conical air flow that lifts the air off the ground.

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