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The ARES II mixers are equipped with two vertical augers with steel-boron knives and two counter. 

It has a new chassis composed of printed elements, extremely robust. Its modular robust chassis ensures great stability and give the machine an infinite strength and quality. It is the only frame in the agricultural world that is certified against corrosion. This system has been patented by RBS EU srl. The mixing tank is 8 mm thick and the bottom tank is 20 mm thick. The discharge bilateral conveyor with chain can optionally be with chain and bottom stainless steel or rubber belt. It has a two speed gearbox, an automatic weighing system, front inspection platform for easy maintenance, P.T.O Shaft, mechanical support foot, double wheels as standard with the option of single wheels and independent hydraulic system with remote control by cable. 

ARES II can be equipped with various options except their standard equipment and is available in the 18, 20, 23, 26, 30 and 32 M3 versions.

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